Board Portal - Online Board Packets

Access your Board Packets any time, anywhere. CUBoardMembers provides simple, seamless tools to build, store and access Board Packets in the Credit Union's private online library.

  • The files that comprise the Board Packet are automatically converted into a table of contents for easy reference

  • Responsibility for the various sections in the Packet can be delegated, complete with target dates and automatic reminders

  • Content can be developed in whatever tools each contributor prefers such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, PDF, etc.

  • The Packet can be reviewed directly from within the system via desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone and Board Members can take notes on each document

  • The Compliance Module automatically checks the record retention policy of the Credit Union to find packets eligible for destruction

The system is designed with simplicity in mind. Although it provides tremendous power to create, share, and store Board Packets, the interface is extremely easy to use.