Board Portal - Virtual Boardroom

With CUBoardMembers there is a private virtual conference room always reserved for your Credit Union. Board Members can 'walk into' the room any time they wish and video conference with everyone else there.

  • If something comes up unexpectedly, Board Members can still attend meetings

  • Board Members can use all of the other features of CUBoardMembers while in the virtual conference room so they have access to the Board Packet and supporting documents

  • If any Board Member is in the conference room, other Board Members who are logged into the system are invited to join the conversation

  • Non-Board Members can be invited on an 'as needed' basis to answer questions or provide live reports

  • The Compliance Module automatically tracks the frequency of virtual meetings versus in person meetings against the bylaw requirements

As with all parts of CUBoardMembers, the virtual conference room is extremely easy to use.